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OLED leading to the future, Open the smart fridge new era

OLED leading to the future, Open the smart fridge new era


Refrigerator innovation design and development trend (OLED Application)
Development trend display, curved surface, flexible, intelligent, transparent, touch, illumination (light, cold light source), etc.

①The refrigerator interior lighting
Require low temperature (light normally with low temperature for a long time), cold light source (almost no fever)

② Refrigerator display panel (transparent), touch display panel
Require low temperature (display normally with low temperature), unbiased color

From OLED R&D, our country has a good trend now, Jilin Universal Display, Beijing Visionox, BOE, Sichuan ChangHong, Skyworth,ZhongKun,Truly, TCL, Rainbow, and other enterprises are actively follow up.The OLED industry lacks the corresponding industry,conductive glass, encapsulation, precision mask template, organic glass materials, auxiliary materials mostly from abroad.Especially, the key production equipment completely rely on imports.Although compared with cathode ray tube (CRT) and LCD, research in the field of OLED started not so lately in China, but in the industrialization level, with foreign gap is widening.

South Korea relying on Samsung and LGD leading enterprises, on the OLED R&D and industrialization of walking in the forefront of the world.Currently, South Korea has complete 4.5, 5.5 generation production line layout, and 8 generation line to achieve mass production, no doubt that South Korea snatched a head start in the market competition of the OLED.

Japan owns advantages in the field of upstream materials, equipment, etc, through integration of industry, speed up R&D and industrialization of OLED technology.Japan's Panasonic, Sony has introduced a large size of OLED TV, Hitachi, Toshiba and SONY,those 3 small size display business merger, will make them focus on greater focus on OLED R&D.

At present, the domestic doesn't have complete sets of OLED for industrialization production equipment manufacturers, key equipment and a complete set of equipment of systematic technology is in the hands of Japan, South Korea and European companies.In addition, almost all of the upstream materials accessories such as drive IC, conductive glass, encapsulation, organic glass materials, precision mask template and need to buy from Japan, South Korea and other countries.Therefore, the upstream supporting ability weak, lacking the ability to industrial chain integration greatly influenced the development of China's industry of OLED.