Character OLED Display 2.26
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Character OLED Display 2.26

Character OLED Display 2.26

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Allvision, a leading innovator of PM OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology:
High Contrast Ratio(10000:1)
Free Viewing Angle
Fast Response Time (≦ 10μs)
Thinner Lighter Durable
Wide Operation Temperature (-40~85℃)
No need of backlight, self emitting
Apply to most products from any area.
Trend of Displays
Leading the green vision


Diagonal Screen Size2.26"
Number of Characters16x2
Color DepthMonochrome: White
Module ConstructionCOG
Panel Size (mm)67.2×17.5×2.0
Active Area (mm)56.22×11.52
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.6×0.7
Pixel Size (mm)0.57×0.67
Weight (g)5.01
Brightness (cd/m2)120 (Typ) @ 1V

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